Three deadly sins of print design

We’ve all had the painful experience of being handed a brochure that was “designed” with WordArt (or the slightly less painful Pages). The “designer” (we’ll call him Larry) beams, happy to see that his arched, distorted, glowing type is burning holes in your hands. You wouldn’t make those mistakes, would you? Of course not! You are an experienced designer, right?

Right. That’s what Larry says.

Some of the best designers have been tripped up by simple mistakes when designing for print. Obviously, we aren’t just talking about WordArt. We’re talking about a design that looks great on the screen, but it sits next to Larry’s best when you try to transfer it to paper. These are some common mistakes that many designers unknowingly make when coming to the print world.

1. Designing in RGB

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Preparing your files for printing on a commercial printing press

The printing world is filled with variables and a terminology that can sometimes confuse the design artist. In this article, I will, in very general terms and language, try to give you a jump start in understanding the print world and aid you in making important decisons when it comes time to get your work printed. Written by Greg Stalter.


Terminology | Choosing your printer | Information for your printer

Out of your hands and into the printers | Prepress | In the pressroom

The finishing area | Distribution | After burn – Time to clean up


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